if you cant connect in person, i’ve got the next best thing…

Custom content

I offer private services and custom media for those who would like an option that isn’t in person. I take these requests on a limited basis.

Custom videos

Direct your own little fantasy, starring me! Rates are dependent upon content, length, and requests. I do not charge by the minute but you can tell how long you’d prefer and I will accommodate. The base rate for a video is 150 dollars. A video will never be less than 10 minutes. Videos are to be paid for in advance using a gift card or cashapp. You will receive your video in around 10 days after payment. I will upload the video to a private file sharing service in any format that you prefer.

Email: [email protected]

Private Cam Show

Lets spend some time together, just me and you. If you can’t be in bed with me, watching me play in it is a close second. Cam shows need to be booked and paid for in advance. I will not accommodate a request without a minimum of 24 hours notice. I offer a few payment options and accept amazon gift cards. There is a 15 minute minimum and it is 6 dollars per minute. Discounts are given for longer show requests. If you request something complicated, messy, or may take a lot of prep time I will ask for an additional fee. I will always tell you if thats the case before payment.

Email: [email protected]

Phone sessions

I’m only a call away. We all get lonely or pent up sometimes, but I am here to make sure your need for companionship and connection is fulfilled. Talk to me and tell me all the things you can’t tell anyone else. In return, I may tell you mine. Advanced booking preferred. Calls are 5 dollars a minute with a 10 minute minimum. Payment is required before the call.

Email: [email protected]

Sexting sessions

As I am sure you have gathered, I am quite the wordsmith. With a brain as deliciously perverse as mine I will have no problem stimulating you from afar. Whether you want to talk about your day or dive into the intricacies of your desires, I’m here to indulge. I strongly prefer advanced booking but can occasionally accommodate last minute requests. Sessions are 4 dollars a minute with a 10 minute minimum. Sext sessions may include photos or short clips for a 20 dollar fee. Discounts are given for longer sessions. Payment is required before play.

Email: [email protected]

Long distance gfe

The daily ins and outs of life can be monotonous and dull. It doesn’t need to be though! Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to talk to and share your week with? Nothing like some sexy photos or a video chat with a pretty girl to get you through the day. The long distance GFE package is for those wishing to connect regularly. Get daily texts, chats, photos, and videos through out the week. This is tailored to fit your individual needs and rates will vary. A commitment of one week is needed for the offer.

Email: [email protected]