“BDSM is about dropping the pretenses; I want you completely exposed”

DOMINATION & submission

There are few things as rewarding as engaging in an intense power exchange with another person. I am an unabashed Switch. No one can deliver an experience like someone who has full comprehension of both roles.

As a bottom I am reactive and vocal – crying out when it’s painful & whimpering with anticipation. Depending on our energy, I’ll find myself cute & playful or deep in subspace, trying hard to be your obedient toy. I love to play with power dynamics and crave intense sensation.

As a Top, I like to watch you twitch and jump for my amusement. While I can be sadistic, I still manage to be warm and caring. Teasing, touching, torturing. I want all of you.

Over the years people have referred to me as a bratty bottom, a sadistic Princess, a sensual seductress, a naughty nymph, and an adorable little girl. I am all of those things, and many more. I want to play with your mind & body. I want to engage in a beautiful energetic exchange with you. Whether you are worshipping me like the Princess I am, or laying me across your lap like a bratty imp; I relish in our time together. I can promise I am unlike anyone you’ve met before and I can take you to places you’ve only dreamed of.