Etiquette & Policy

All new experiences come with a learning curve. The anxiety of being a beginner can be overwhelming, but remember that we were all new once! As nerve wrecking as it can be to meet a provider for the first time, it can also be your most most memorable – an experience to dream about for years to come. I am here to help guide you through that anxiety. Below I have complied some tips and information to help ensure that our time together is everything you hoped for and more.

My first recommendation is that you take your time and peruse all of the information on my website before sending me your introductory email. Give yourself time to think about what you would like to get out of our rendezvous.

step 1:

When you are sure that I am the provider for you, it is time to write your introductory email. Be mindful of your language and make sure you’ve thoroughly reviewed my website. I prefer to see well mannered and thoughtful individuals. I will not accept inquires that are crude or disrespectful. Have a date and time in mind. It is rare that I accept last minute booking requests. I take each session seriously, as such I need time to craft the perfect encounter for you. While I prefer a weeks notice, I need a days notice at minimum.

Step 2:

Be prepared for screening. It is not optional and I do not make exceptions. Given the nature of what we do, I understand the hesitation and fear of being outed. Screening is protection for both you and I. Privacy and discretion is not something I take lightly. All communication between us is encrypted and your personal information will not be saved. All details of our time together and any conversation we have is confidential. I have the same expectations of you. For this reason I have a no review policy. If you are still concerned, I am NDA friendly. To further protect your privacy, consider password protecting your devices, clearing your browsing history, and logging out of adult websites and your email. In return, to respect my privacy, please make sure you follow arrival instructions given to you before our date.


Before our time together, make sure you are well groomed. Good hygiene is of the utmost importance. Brush your teeth, wash well, and tidy up your hair and nails. Wear whatever makes you comfortable. However, if we are going out on the town please dress to the occasion. If you are looking to charm me a bit extra, a small gift is appreciated, but never expected. Let yourself be excited! The anticipation can be delightful.

Be discrete upon arrival. When parked in the space designated for you or you are nearby, text or call for confirmation before coming to the door. Place the consideration in an envelope and leave it out in clear view before our time together is underway. It’s important we get squeaky clean before getting down and dirty! A shower, fresh towels, toiletries & mouthwash will be available. Consent is something I take seriously. Before playing we will set a short amount of time aside to get to know one another, our desires, likes, & dislikes. The secret to having mind blowing play is communication. Our brains are our main erogenous zone and I don’t intend to neglect it. After that, sit back & relax. The hard part is over, now it is all about fulfilling your fantasy.

Near the end of our time together I like to cuddle (if that is something you enjoy) & then I’ll offer to go and get cleaned up with you. After, it is time to get our clothes back on and rejoin the default world, but hopefully more relaxed & with a big smile on your face.

Bask in the glow of an amazing encounter. Think about the things you enjoyed and consider if there was anything you didn’t like or would like to try in the future (even if it isn’t with me). To respect your privacy I will not reach out after our appointment. I would hate to initiate contact at an inappropriate time. However, I am always open to follow up contact with you if there is anything you want to talk about or need to process. Your experience and feelings matter to me, even if we only ever have one magical tryst.


Your health and safety is important to me. All bedding, towels, toys, and surfaces are sanitized and cleaned after each appointment. I am vaccinated and make sure to keep up to date on anything health related. If I am showing symptoms of an illness I will cancel on you as soon as possible. If I cancel on you, I will rebook and add extra time to our future appointment. I would appreciate the same in return. If you have had potential exposure or are not feeling well the day of our appointment, please cancel and rebook for a future date.

As stated previously, I no longer welcome reviews. I value my privacy as well as that of the people I am seeing. I found allowing detailed reviews about my exploits to cheapen the experience. I am more than the acts we do. Not to mention, just because I do something with one person does not mean I will do it with anyone. Chemistry & connection matter. My preferred clientele deeply value discretion and I would not be holding up my end of that if I allowed such intimate details to be that public. Please check out the FAQ section if you need other ways to verify me.

Life happens and we all need to cancel on occasion. I ask that if you do need to cancel, please reschedule ASAP. In the circumstances our time together was suppose over 3 hours, was a last minute cancellation, or I was traveling to you- I may ask you to pay a cancellation fee if you do not provide a reschedule date. If you cancel multiple times without rebooking or paying a cancellation fee I will not continue to see you.