Disability & Services

In 2015 I went to a seminar on sex for people who are chronically ill or disabled. It made me aware of the lack of resources, education, and providers for people who needed different accommodations. Since then I have made it a priority to expand my knowledge and services to be inclusive of people with a wide array of abilities . Everyone deserves physical touch, warmth, and intimacy.

I specialize in creating encounters for people who haven’t experienced intimacy, those who are still learning their bodies and finding what works for them, as well as those who are simply looking for a companion who understands. Due to ethical concerns, I do not see clients with cognitive disabilities that impact their ability to enthusiastically consent and communicate boundaries.

Every person has unique challenges when it comes to fulfilling their desires. Together we will create a plan to give you the experience you are looking for. This will require me to ask questions about your abilities that may be relevant to our session. Whatever is discussed between us will be confidential, as will details about our time together. Sliding scale options are available. If you need to utilize that option, please mention it in your initial email.

If you are a parent, caregiver, or support staff looking to facilitate a meeting, I am more than happy to work together and answer any questions you have. I understand that this topic can be awkward and overwhelming for some but please remember what you are doing is kind and important.