Frequently asked questions

Lets put your mind at ease

While I am discriminating, I don’t discriminate. I welcome and appreciate our difference. I respect your identity, culture, and disabilities. I am committed to providing safe space for people of all backgrounds.

Unfortunately, without proper screening, I won’t be able to see you. Screening is not optional. Given the intense nature of what I do, it is for both my safety and yours. All of our communication is private, encrypted and not saved. I am NDA friendly if you are concerned.

I’d love for you to take me out! Our time together is all about connection and a date allows us to truly get to know one another. Dinner dates, museums, hikes, movies, concerts… the possibilities are endless.

Absolutely. While BDSM is my passion, I value a connection above all else. It doesn’t need to be whips and chains all the time.

Group sessions are a favorite and strength of mine. I have mastered the art of group dynamics and these sessions tend to be some of my most amazing. I am the ultimate threesome (or moresome) partner. I do have a strong preference for using another provider I have a relationship with. Check out some of my friends. However, if you have suggestions I am open.

I accommodate all reasonable requests. However, if there is something quite specific you are asking for I suggest getting it for me as a gift.

For the right person and advanced notice, ill do all of the above. Find out more information about custom content.

Ask and you shall receive. Pricing is dependent on item and request. If possible, I do request a replacement pair if applicable as selling is not a primary revenue stream for me. For requests please email [email protected]

I value my privacy as well as that of the people I am seeing. I found allowing detailed reviews about my exploits to cheapen the experience. I am more than the acts we do. Not to mention, just because I do something with one person does not mean I will do it with anyone. Chemistry & connection matter. On the flip side, my preferred clientele deeply value discretion and I would not be holding up my end of that if I allowed such intimate details to be that public.

If you are concerned about my ability to perform, my authenticity, or your safety, there are plenty of ways to verify me. I have been an established provider and educator for many years. I have preformed in countless adult content, help run multiple kink organizations, am active in the BDSM & Sex Worker community, and teach for different conventions or orgs across the US.

I’m a person ruled by a rigid schedule. It is rare, if ever that I can accommodate last minute requests. If I do, I will ask for a “rush” fee. It is best if you can make intentional time for me.

Sessions with queer people are some of my most rewarding. I respect and value all gender identities or exploration. Please make my month and book time with me.

No need to be nervous! Though I do understand how hard it is to step out of your comfort zone. I promise I always respect limits and will play to your comfort level. No prior experience needed, we are learning together. While BDSM can look scary, its truthfully all about fun. I’m only strict and serious if thats your thing.

As stated previously, I am a master of group play. That it extends itself to established couples as well. I’d be delighted to join you and your partner for some kinky fun. Whether that means being your play thing, a conduit for exploration, or a teacher is up to you. Nothing brings me more delight than bringing two people closer together. I take every precaution to make sure all parties are comfortable, feeling safe, and they get what they want out of our time together. Both people need to be informed and enthusiastically consenting before our encounter.

It’s not often I tour for bookings. If I do, I will post on social media. My home base is currently Montclair, New Jersey. I make frequent trips (and will do so by request) to New York City and other parts of New Jersey and occasionally Albany, New York. However, I do offer “fly me to you” sessions. You are responsible for travel and room accommodations for the trip.

At heart, I am a 50/50 switch. That is my favorite way to play. Whether we switch fluidly or do two separate scenes, it is up to you.

Long term and monthly arrangements are available if you’d like something more structured. However, I am not looking for personal partners. This also is dependent upon our chemistry.